Hello, my name is

Rey Serrano

I create memorable first impressions and hold an audience’s attention.
I’m a storytelly, a visualizer, a persuader, an amuser …a user experience designer.

What I Do

Brand Identity

Visually connecting the heart of a product or company to its target audience.

User Experience Design

Creating an on-brand look and feel that captivates users.

User Interface Design

Developing a seamless interface so users focus on the product or service, not site functionality.

Other Skills

  • Graphic and Visual Design
  • Creative and Art Direction
  • Information Architecture
  • Illustration and Icon Design
  • Print Design
  • Logo Design
  • Mobile and Tablet Design
  • Online and Web Responsive Design
  • Typography
  • Mockup and Prototyping
  • Wireframing and User Flows
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Scrum and Agile Development

About Me

Hello! I'm a user experience designer specializing in mobile, web, and product design. I’m an expert in Adobe design tools, color and composition, wireframing and prototyping, and code CSS/HTML.

I grew up and live in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked for large organizations like Oracle, Deutsche Telekom, Ziff Davis, and Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Lately, most of my projects are with early stage startups to design, launch their products, and get them to the next stage. I help formulate their branding, user experience, and visual language to connect their product to their target audience.

I have a strong background in development and business processes and I follow trends in design, tech, and user behavior to ferret out opportunities for products to connect deeply to the masses.




UX and UI Design / Mobile / Web / Branding

UX and UI Design / Mobile Design / Web Design / Branding Design

Point is a tour app by Canogle which guides users to locations via a mobile app and offers virtual tours online.

Deutsche Telekom HBS

UI and UX Design | Web | Branding

UI and UX Design | Web | Branding

Deutsche Telekom HBS developed a telecom product for small businesses that enable them to easily order the service online and managed their phone services.

Federal Reserve Bank
of San Francisco

Branding / Print

Branding | Print

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's rebrand and annual report.


Branding / Mobile

Branding | Mobile

Striiv is a fitness band with a mobile component connecting users to fitness games.

Service Whale

UI Design / Web / Branding

UI Design | Web | Branding

Service Whale, originally named Smartway, allows a consumer to purchase home services online with a fixed priced.


UX and UI Design / Mobile / Web

UX and UI Design | Mobile | Web

Truvolo is a connected car app with hardware connecting drivers to their car information and give historical data and driving recommendations. I designed the initial mobile interface

Instant Connect

UX and UI design / Mobile / Branding

UX and UI design | Mobile | Branding

Instant Connect is a mobile conferencing app being developed by the Deutsche Telekom Innovative Lab.

Love Lana'i

Mobile / Web / Branding

Mobile | Web | Branding

These are pitch designs for Lana'i Island was looking to extend their brand to get more visitors.

Other Projects

UX and UI Design / Mobile / Web / Branding

UX and UI Design | Mobile | Web | Branding

Vualla (2010) - a startup with an iPad tv remote control.
Edmodo (2009) - an online classroom with a back-office for content partner.
Amigo Cloud (2013) - a location-based mobile app for land surveyors.
Wantify (2013) - a coupon app.

Contact Me

I live in the east side of the San Francisco Bay Area but worked on projects globally.